Writing the feature-length screenplay


Sophia Wellington

Course Summary

Writing the Feature-Length Screenplay is designed to take students through the initial stages of developing and writing a feature-length film. Through workshops, lectures, discussion and one-to-one meetings, the students starting the class with story ideas will emerge with a strong outline (a road map to enable them to move on to completing a draft of their screenplay). For students coming in already with outlines or drafts of existing screenplays, the course recognizes they are working with material in development and expects them to finish the workshop with advanced drafts of their screenplays.

Course Objectives

During the six weeks of class the students will undergo the process of refining a feature idea, creating strong characters, developing a story arc, writing a step outline, and a draft of the screenplay. In addition the class aims to provide students with the tools to remain committed to the challenges of a feature-length script.

Lectures and workshops will reinforce the work as students create characters, plots and subplots, strong enough to sustain the longer form. They will study plotting, visual storytelling, scene writing, and dialogue as they meet the challenge of creating a robust outline. Written student exercises and drafts will be workshopped in class, to be given feedback by the professor and the rest of the class.

At the end of the six weeks the students will have a step outline and scenes to enable them to complete a draft of their feature screenplay. Students who have started this class with existing scripts or outlines are expected to finish the course with a further draft of the screenplay.

This is an advanced course. Students attending this course are expected to have prior experience in writing scripts whether in the short or long forms.

Brief Description

  1.  Professor: Sophia Wellington
  2.  Format:  workshops, lectures, discussions, one-on-one meetings
  3.  No. of Students:  15 students maximum
  4.  Class Schedule:  23 May – 1 July 2017 (Wednesdays and Saturdays); 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  5.  Requirement:  Graduate Level

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