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A day in the life of a man who’s trying to make a living for his family as he is confronted by the ironies of the realities of life.  And death.


Filmmaker’s Profile


Named Director of the Year in the 19th Advertising Congress (2005).  Consistent awardee in Creative Guild Month and Ad of the Year, DIWA Values,  ADBOARD Values, and Ad Congress ARAW creative and technical competitions.  An unbridled visual artist at heart, Henry has earned bountiful acclaim at local and foreign art exhibits, and film and video exhibitions.  Even as a student, his short films produced with the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines, Mowelfund Film Institute and the UP Film Center have reaped awards at the festivals.  Henry began his professional life as a graphic designer/photographer at a graphics shop, then as a photography and video instructor at the National Arts Center (Phil. High School for the Arts).  He was Creative Director at the Cultural Center of the Philippine for five years before moving to Leo Burnett as Art Director.  Later, while serving this advertising agency as Creative Services Director, Henry filmed some TV commercials for a global consumer brand, pioneering an effective departure in treatment, that the brand soon adopted as norm for its subsequent TV commercials.  Aside from their excellent production value, these materials have earned unparalleled ratings in the brand’s consumer tests.  Henry has since directed numerous high-recall TV commercials for brand leaders.  He has shown excellent skill in eliciting fine nuances in human passion: from subtle humor to tender emotions.  In all his works, Henry is able to weave visual design and camera treatment with strong and clear narratives.


Major Credits:  Cast:


Joel Dela Cruz, Mari Jogardy Roldan, Ritz Macatangay, Kylo Diovyl Acla, John Athony Olayvar, Apple Jean Cortez, Rae Matthew Fernando, Queenie Margarette Fernando, Loveli Delos Reyes




Director/Writer-Henry Frejas, Acting Director-Ric Galing, Director of Photography-Dindo Martinez, Line Producer-Toni Vasquez, Production Designers-Omar Mendoza, Otto Hernandez,Editor-Danny Anonuevo, Musical Scorer-Teresa Barrozo, Sound-Rudy Gonzales, Jojo Gonzales