Ranga, a farm hand who works to clear his debt succumbs to an illness, and Subba his son must now work to pay the dues. The film gently leads into the emotional life of an idyllic community, as it shows how, despite the bounty of nature, a web of debt and feudal authority draws people into a deadly spiral.

Directed By: 
Umashankar Swamy
Main Cast: 

Kartik, Adhyut, Kumar, Asha, Siddaraju, Kalyankar, Shwetha

Director: Umashankar Swamy
Screenplay: Umashankar Swamy, Sathyamurthy Anandur
Cinematography: H.M.Ramachendra
Editor: Gunachandra, Umashankar Swamy
Producers: D.K.Murthy, Umashankar Swamy
About the Director
UMASHANKAR  SWAMY,  Mechanical engineer by Academics,  developed aesthetical interest during his studies and persued social development, theatre and film making as his carrier.
 He has worked in rural parts of Rajasthan in non-formal education and conducted several theater workshops with social activists.
In later years directed several plays and  documentary films in Karnataka.
Produced and Directed feature film BANADA NERALU in Kannada. The film was selected to panorama-IFFI, 2008 and bagged The Karnataka state award.
MUNSIF his second feature film has been awarded best film in Bengaluru International Film Festival and also screened  in Mumbai film festival 2013.
SAALADA MAGU (Child of Debt) his third film is officially selected for Indian Film Festival Stuttgart, Germany in  competition section. Won NETPAC Award in  8th Bangaluru International Film Festival.


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