Nabubulok by Sonny Calvento. Cinemalaya 2017 Full-Length Feature Category finalist

A woman goes missing. But there are many eyes in a small town. Blood-covered bed sheets, secret lovers, distressed sons, an irate husband, and a pervading smell of decay soon come to the surface pushing a townspeople poised to celebrate a fiesta to grapple with a crime committed against one of their own. 

Crime, Drama / PG-13
Sonny Calvento
Main Cast: 

Gina Alajar, JC Santos, Jameson Blake, Elaine Yu, Lito Pimentel, Jerom Canlas, Sue Prado, Krystal Mejes, Dannah Cardoza, Jojo Riguerra, Lao Rodriguez, Raul Morit, Billy Ray Galleon


Writer & Director: Sonny Calvento
Director of Photography: Neil Daza
Supervising Producer: Ellen Nicolas Criste
Producer: Tony Calvento
Creative Producer: Arden Rod Condez
Script Consultant: Armando Lao
Line Producer: Isha Christi Germentil
Production Designer: Marxie Maolen Fadul
Editor: Joris Fernandez
Musical Scorer: Teresa Barrozo
Sound Designer: Mikko Quizon

Sonny Calvento

SONNY CALVENTO is a writer affiliated with ABS-CBN since 2010. He wrote for some its most recognizable series to date such as, "You’re My Home," "Reputasyon," "Juanita Banana," and "Apoy Sa Dagat." He finished Communication and Media Studies from San Beda College Alabang and taught Scriptwriting in the same college. He is a graduate of Found Story workshop of Armando Lao in 2015. "Nabubulok" (The Decaying) is his first feature film.


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