Hendrix dreams of hip-hop greatness, but  he's spiraling down a rabbit-hole of crime and poverty until he meets Doc, an old poet still haunted by his martial law past. Can they turn each other's lives around before they're swallowed by their circumstance?
RESPETO is a celebration of the underground Pinoy hip-hop world and how we find the words to find ourselves.


Matt is driven by one ultimate goal: to bike all the way from Manila to Mt. Pinatubo Lake to defy his ill-fated life. His body is ravaged by Parkinson's disease and a faltering faith; but his resilience  to live and end life on his own terms carries him through. He encounters a road block in Sandy who ironically is the person he is running away from and "the one" he wants to be with the most.

Kiko Boksingero

Kiko, an 11-year-old boy, was left alone with his nanny Diday after the recent death of his mother. Longing for family, Kiko reconnects with his estranged father, George, a has-been boxer. Despite Diday's misgiving, she gives Kiko a chance to spend time with George. She thinks it will help heal Kiko who is still grieving from his loss. Filling the gap of the time lost, the father and son bonds through their shared love for boxing. Kiko found the father that he longs for. But then, is George the father he hoped he would be?


A woman goes missing. But there are many eyes in a small town. Blood-covered bed sheets, secret lovers, distressed sons, an irate husband, and a pervading smell of decay soon come to the surface pushing a townspeople poised to celebrate a fiesta to grapple with a crime committed against one of their own. 

Sa Gabing Nanahimik ang mga Kuliglig

On the night of Good Friday, Father Romi finds himself in a predicament after Magda confesses to have committed murder following her discovery of her friend Dolores' adulterous relationship with her husband Victor.
The church is empty for the lone altar boy Nonoy who unintentionally overhears Magda's hysterical admission from inside the confessional. Father Romi and Nonoy discuss the issue at hand. Now both of them carry the weight of knowing Magda's sins and must strive to find a way to deliver justice and act in keeping with the unbreakable vow of the Seal of teh Confessional.


BAGAHE tells the story of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), Mercy Abunag. As the whole family celebrates her homecoming, NBI Agents appear on the doorstep inviting Mercy for some questioning about a case of a newborn child in the trash bin of an airplane toilet.
Believed to be the suspect, Mercy undergoes investigation and is turned over to different social entities--police, hostpita, shelter, media, church, and bureaucrats. What unfolds is the whole truth behind a mother whp got abused, and the measures in which she is taken care of by her motherland.


After a particularly strong squall, a sleepy fishing village in a tiny island in Southern Tagalog wakes up to an astonishing sight--their sea has turned red. Floating on their waters are thousands of apples. No one knows where it came from. Some see it as a bad omen from the baconaua--a creature of myth. A few thinks it is a miracle from heaven, while others fear a more sinister source.


Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha

People seek out this particular "Family" for their special power. It is believed that if one accommodates this "Family" in their homes, desires for the return of lost loved ones will be fulfilled. Cora, a landowner and a media personality, searches for the "Family That Doesn't Weep" hoping that this effort would lead to the return of her husband, daughter, and son back to her fold. Yearning to reunite with them, Cora tracks down the elusive "Family" at all costs. 

Ang Guro Kong Di Marunong Magbasa

Set in a town in southwestern Mindanao, volunteer teachers from the city are afraid to teach in far-flung areas of the province because of the threats of an ongoing war between the rebels and the military. 


A woman chosen to keep an age-old tradition alive must now choose between her granddaughter’s life and a belief that shackled her in solitary confinement.   



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