Da Dog Show (The Dog Show)

We follow the journey of dog trainer Sergio (70) with his two dogs. He tries to keep his family intact with his earnings from his street
dog shows. He lives with his two children, Celia (24) and Alvin (16), in a mausoleum inside a public cemetery, right in the heart of
Manila. His goal is to earn enough money, in order to fetch his youngest son from his rebellious wife who left him so suddenly without
any notice.
Ralston Jover
Main Cast: 

Mercedes Cabral

Lou Veloso


Aljon Ibanez

Written & Directed by: Ralston Jover 
Producer: Bessie Badilla, Alexander Laub, Sven Schnell
Associate Producers: Jim Baltazar, Jean Pierre Gimenez
DOP: Carlo Mendoza 
Editor: Kats Serraon
Line Producer: Darlene Catly Malimas  
Production Design: Deans Habal
Sound Designer: Albert Michael Idioma 
Production Manager: Cyrus Khan
Production company, Queen B Production, Phils., san cinema, Germany/ Print source: san cinema & Co.

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