PEKTUS by Isabel Quesada

In a city where fortunes are determined by chance/ will the choices of Yong and Chino bring them closer to the redemption they so desperately seek in a town where the law of the jungle prevails?
PECTUS won both the best film and screenplay on the short film category in the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

Directed By: 
Isabel Quesada
Main Cast: 

CAST: Nonie Buencamino/ Jojit Lorenzo/ Joel Saracho/ Elora Españo/ Alex Medina/ Jess Mendoza/ Nova Villa/ Shamaine Buencamino


Director & Writer: Isabel Quesada
Producers: Ces Quesada & Tito Quesada
Directors of Photography: Carlos Mauricio & Neica Dela Cruz
Editor: Benjo Ferrer
Production Designer: Gwyn Guanzon

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