Juana and the Sacred Shores


Juana is a beautiful maiden living peacefully in her island. While dancing in the middle of the sea, she sees how vast the waters are, and suddenly realizes that she is alone. To satisfy her longing, she does an animistic ritual and prays for a companion. A man arrives.
The film is an allegory of post-colonialism – it discusses the implications of colonialism, and focuses on how it continuously affects the socio-cultural, economic, and political structure of Philippine society. Using semiotics, the film delves into the issue of colonial hegemony, and alludes to key ideas under post-colonialism, and alternatively, feminism as well.
The filmmaker intends to emphasize the struggle of the Filipino people towards true political and national autonomy, hoping that we may soon be able to break free from the chains of imperialism, by remembering, and never forgetting our historical past.

Directed By: 
Antonne Santiago
Main Cast: 

Aisha Polestico, Marveen Lozano, Antonio Collantes


Writer/Director: Antonne Santiago
Choreographer: Aisha Polestico
Executive Producers: Raffy Santiago, Geena Santiago
Assistant Director: Steven Evangelio
Production Manager: April Agsunod
Director of Photography: Theo Lozada
Production Designer: Kaye Banaag
Editor: Che Tagyamon
Musical Scorer: Toni Muñoz
Sound Designer/Recordist: Krysver Gomez
Adviser: Sari L. Dalena

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