When the whole family confronted her 14-year-old daughter of a suspected pregnancy, a 50-year-old woman gives birth to her 22nd child.

Directed By: 
JP Habac
Main Cast: 

Upeng Galang, Sue Prado, Zini Narciso, Jhayvot Galang


Executive Producers: Fernando Ortigas, E.A. Rocha
Producers: Chad Angelic Cabigon, Jaime Habac Jr.
Director of Photography: Pong Ignacio, FCS
Production Designer: Whammy Alcazaren
Film Editor: Carlo Francisco Manatad
Sound Designer: MikkoQuizon
Colorist: Marilen Magsaysay
Assistant Director: Marjorie Darunday
Production Manager: Persian Maglinte

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