Manong ng Pa-Aling

Drama / R 18
Manong ng Pa'aling by E. del Mundo, Cinemalaya 2017 Short Feature Film finalist

Manong ng Pa-­Aling, directly translated as Man of Pa-­Aling, is the incredible story of man’s natural relationship with the ocean. And amidst physical frailty, and of his age, Manong decides what he will do next after retiring from his only known profession, to be a fisherman.

Directed By: 
E del Mundo
Main Cast: 

Filboy Jillona, Jeremy Banda, Tali Jilona, Jeramil Banda


Director & Producer: E. del Mundo
Underwater Cinematographer: Marissa Floirendo
Co-Producer: Erwin Blanco
Executive Producer: Jack Weinstein
Editor: Joris Fernandez
Production Designer: Jessie Bueno
Music: Teresa Barrozo
Underwater Photography: Teresa Lara
Sound Designers: Aian Louie Caro, Marco Javier
Underwater Asst. Director: Louie Barrios
First Asst. Director: RC delos Reyes
Asst. Camera: Rey de Vera
DIT: Dansk Denver Santos, Fe Martinez
Production Asst.: John Dannug, Mary Christine Serran

About the Director
E del Mundo

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