Linda, in her 70s, is a Chinese citizen who has been living in the Philippines since the Japanese occupation of their homeland.  For a while, it was like she was building the perfect Chinese Family raising three children together with her Husband, Felipe, and a business tycoon who worked hard to increase their wealth to millions.  A mysterious phone call from the unknown shaken their home that leads to their bankruptcy.  Tragically, Felipe went in come for 7 years and left Linda devastated.  She tries to keep her family together until a revelation totally broke their home apart.


Ogos Aznar
Main Cast: 

Perla Bautisa,  Tony Mabesa, Odette Khan

Director: Ogos M. Aznar 
Asst. Director: Andrew Borines
Cinematography: Marti Juan
Production Design: Ogos M. Aznar
Executive Producer: Teo Ting
Producer: Simon Wee
Associate Producer: Rebecca Shangkuan- Chuaunsu
Production Managers: Hazel Luna, Raymond Luna
Story & Screenplay: Ogos M. Aznar
OGOS AZNAR Y MANALO is a film enthusiast, a writer and a critic. He aspires to claim as a world-renowned director and make exhortative films to inspire, inform, empower and contribute significant materials to industry and to the society. 
He conceptualized and filmed the advertisements of the annual largest catholic learning event in the Philippines, “The Kerygma conference” held in Araneta Coliseum and Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). His past work titled AIDA- starred by the veteran actress Ms. Anita Linda won a significant award from a prestigious film festival and was featured in 
He films and conceptualizes several corporate AVP’s, TV advertisements and other PR materials. He became an associate director of Mustard TV (a weekly kid’s show under Shepherd’s voice TV and TV5). He designed conferences’, concerts’ and exhibits’ program and settings. He also directed the grand musical recital titled “Attraversiamo” in Cultural Center of the Philippines last 2010. 
Before he worked full time in filmmaking and advertising industry, Ogos came from a humble beginning, He became a Production Manager, Production designer, Creative stylist, casting director, talent producer, and line producer in several local film productions. Facilitator in acting and musical workshops, active in leadership conferences and he is a culinary enthusiast; he appeared in some prominent cooking demo in different malls after gaining a certificate for Culinary Arts. 
Ogos is now managing his own film production team with competitive artists in the industry.



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