Shorts A


This true to life based-story is about Vicknelyn who was raised by her father with too much punishment and Jenelza her good friend. Both are 16 years old and studied in the same school where they became friends. They differ in their economic status in life, they shared same experiences on corporal punishment and to have relief from pain, Vicknelyn joined KUYAW Gang whose members’ bits of experience are the same as hers. On the other hand, Jenelza focused her time on her studies.


A ten year old girl named Angeli has a stern, cold and seemingly unfeeling mother---Maria. To prevent her daughter from entering a forbidden room, Maria tells her daughter that a child-eating monster resides in there. Fully believing what her mother told her, Angeli refuses to go inside the room until a prank leads her to believe that the monster got her friend. Going inside the room, Angeli discovers her mother’s secret.


Romy is an obese, insecure security guard. He attempts to capture the attention of his neighbor Daisy, an ambitious laundry woman, and hopes to make her fall in love with him. The film explores insecurity and the distance one is willing to go through for love.


A seven year old boy got more than what he bargained for when picked up a filthy yellow ball down by the creek.

Behind Closed Doors

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is a story of relationships and the lies that unwittingly go with it. Butch and Sarah are a married couple whose relationship is not quite as smooth as it seems. A banana flavored condom found by Sarah will unravel the many secrets that happen Behind Closed Doors.


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