Shorts A

Oliver’s Apartment

This short film is about a man named Oliver who has not left his apartment over seven years. An obsessive-compulsive germaphobe, he has everything delivered to him and he lives each day the same. One day he receives a postcard and things start to unravel.

What Floor Ma'am

A flamboyant former First Lady of the Philippines and a “Bad Boy” actor from local cinema find themselves trapped inside the elevator of an old Government building. While waiting for rescue, the First Lady emotionally reveals to the Bad Boy the shocking secret history of the Philippines.

Ugat sa Lupa

Ugat sa Lupa (Roots on Earth) is a non-dialog film about a farming family who lives in an island. It dramatizes the family’s hardships of living in an island bereft of fresh water, hence their struggle to fetch water from another island in order to water the plants periodically. It is also about family relationships and the sacrifices of elder siblings for the benefit of the younger ones.


Tatang Ruding lives in the streets of the Philippines’ urban Manila with his grandaughter Ester. Tatang makes ends meet the easiest way he knows, stealing and pickpocketing. He does it with Ester as his aide and apprentice. One incident goes awry and Tatang gets beaten up by a group of men. Tatang bitterly takes out his misfortune on Ester and starts to feel useless. Ester, on the other hand, starts to make it up to Tatang by becoming the breadwinner. She becomes better and better with stealing and Tatang realizes that he created a monster in her.

Si Bok at ang Trumpo

ok is a playful boy who enjoys counting the things he sees around him, posting pieces of paper everywhere, and playing with his favorite toy top.

One day, Bok accidentally forgets his toy top at his grandmother’s house. When he decides to come back and get it, Bok discovers something far more precious than his beloved toy.

Musa (The Muse)

In a community by the railroad, an old healer named Tatang performed a “miracle” when a young male lover had himself run over by a train. It is said that Tatang can heal with poetry and his Muse. Another cataclysmic event will make the community discover the next healer by the railroad.

A shortfilm feature showcasing the poems of the two great Filipino poets: Jose Corazon de Jesus aka Huseng Batute and Amado V. Hernandez.


This true to life based-story is about Vicknelyn who was raised by her father with too much punishment and Jenelza her good friend. Both are 16 years old and studied in the same school where they became friends. They differ in their economic status in life, they shared same experiences on corporal punishment and to have relief from pain, Vicknelyn joined KUYAW Gang whose members’ bits of experience are the same as hers. On the other hand, Jenelza focused her time on her studies.


A ten year old girl named Angeli has a stern, cold and seemingly unfeeling mother---Maria. To prevent her daughter from entering a forbidden room, Maria tells her daughter that a child-eating monster resides in there. Fully believing what her mother told her, Angeli refuses to go inside the room until a prank leads her to believe that the monster got her friend. Going inside the room, Angeli discovers her mother’s secret.


Romy is an obese, insecure security guard. He attempts to capture the attention of his neighbor Daisy, an ambitious laundry woman, and hopes to make her fall in love with him. The film explores insecurity and the distance one is willing to go through for love.


A seven year old boy got more than what he bargained for when picked up a filthy yellow ball down by the creek.


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