Shorts B


A vain man is out to meet a woman he met on Facebook for the first time. While waiting for her, he comes upon a naive guy whom he teaches his ways on attracting women. But the vain may need to learn some more.

Nakabibinging Kadiliman

Life has been hard for siblings Jen and Amanda. Amanda, the older of the two, is blind and works as a masseuse for a nearby establishment. Jen, on the other hand, is deaf-mute and devotes her time caring for her blind sister. Though their set-up is tedious and difficult, the two still maintain a cheerful disposition and rely on each other greatly.

However, the balance of the simple household is tipped when a new handsome neighbor moves in. Jen experiences a surge of unknown feelings.

Indayog ng Nayatamak

A struggle between a painter and his work.


It's Christmas time, and a grandmother spends a quiet afternoon tending to the family chores. But the arrival of an unexpected visitor brings with her some deadly consequences.


A beautician named Elvis (also known as Elvira) finds out one day that he has fathered a bouncing baby boy and is left with the challenge of single parenthood.  


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