Shorts A


Ang Maangas, ang Marikit at ang Makata (The Cool, the Fool, and the Lovely) is a one-act play for film about the characters meeting on an ordinary day.  Alfonso, a warrior from the Other Side goes to town in search of the Captain for a payment that is owed to him.  He arrived at the house seeing Liwliw, the Captain’s daughter practicing her dance.  Complications arise when Delfin, a passionate poet, serenades the young lady.

Gatilyo ng Baril

Year 1983:  Ms. Estrella investigates the case of Carlito Dimahilig, the assassin who attempted to kill Imelda Marcos. 

Running time: 9 minutes


Marisa lives alone in the dark with an even darker secret. 

Running Time: 15 minutes


Nenok, a nine-year-old street kid in Malolos, Bulacan adopts the city’s historic Barasoain Church as a temporary home and his personal space for mischief to the distress and annoyance of Mang Johnny, the stern parish groundskeeper.

Running Time: 19 minutes


A troubled man finds his own cure in the vast darkness of his room.  Trying to persuade his lover to come back, he discovers a new form of therapy-- his greatest ordeal, a terrible encounter he has to escape from. 

Running Time: 18:21 minutes

Apasol (Chasing Sun)

An afternoon of love and farewell as Mark and El spend their last afternoon together wishing on a tree, waiting to fade with the sun. 

Running Time:  19 minutes

Language:          Chavacano de Zamboanga

Production:        Hombrella Pictures, Cinema Atenista

Padulong sa Pinuy-anan

Meet Tommy Whitmore. Divorced and setting out to start his own family. He sets on a mission: to start a new life in the sunny and promising Philippines. However, when things do not go according to plan, Tommy’s life plummets.

In a foreign country where he is left fragile and to his own defense, Tommy must make the toughest decision of his life: to go back where he belongs, or to risk it all and move forward with what little he has.

With the help of kind strangers, Grace and her son Nib, Tommy forges on his brave quest in trying to find where home is.

Tiya Bening

An old lady lives with her caregiver while her daughter is overseas. She suffers from Alzheimer’s from time to time. During the night her bedroom burns and the old lady settles to a fateful end.

Asan si Lolo Mê?

A mother tells her young son that his grandfather has turned into a goat in order to cover up the grandfather's death.

Mga Ligaw na Paruparo

Roger & Miriam live a happy life despite waiting to have a child for years. Until one day, Roger accidentally reads a text message on Miriam’s phone.The flirty anecdotes were sent by a stranger named Alex. At that moment, all hell breaks loose. Roger is yet to discover his wife’s deepest secret.


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