Shorts A

The Ordinary Things We Do

The Ordinary Things We Do features the story of six souls—three couples—and a celebration of one same love. A critical look at the essence of human romantic partnership, this experimental silent short film celebrates the diversity of the expression of affection and intimacy. When everything material and immaterial are stripped off, what remains are souls united by and in love.


The spate of recent bombings in the region drew authorities on full alert.  A mysterious Maranao shows up, tasked to get a package from his boss’ contact. He rides the motorcycle traversing the mountains to meet the contact who handed him a bag. On his return, he was stopped at an army checkpoint. He replied in Maranao upon interrogation but the soldiers couldn’t understand. They insist on opening the bag.

The Houseband's Wife

Husband Tonyo and wife Isa, struggling for a better life, were separated when she was forced to work abroad. Tonyo stayed home to take care of the household and their three children.
The family managed to keep in touch through Skype, an Internet-based video call system, where they could go on with their lives as if she was never out of the country. She would see the children to school, check on his husband’s errands and one day, even caught his husband keeping someoneelse’s “bra” hanging in their closet.


12 year-old Junjun finds himself running around his new found home, with children who taught him various Filipino games. Unaware of the impending relocation plans set to destroy their new dwelling, Junjun continues to learn and play Bangsak, Bente Uno and other local games with his friends.He soon discovers this demolition during a series of games that briefly halts their play. Set against the backdrop of a slum area in Quezon City,Junjun and his friends return to their game--with or without a house to come home to.

Sa Wakas

The film tells the story of a father who rushes his daughter to find a health center that would admit her as she loses so much blood. Will they make it or would the life of young Kat-Kat be put to waste? It is a paramount reflection of a father-daughter bond tested by cultural, political and religious hypocrisy.


When a child has no choice but to work. We follow a day in the life of a kid who steals at the Navotas fish port.

Katapusang Labok

In a rural seaside town located north of Cebu, fisher folks face the harsh reality of environmental conditions caused by human abuse.

Randy, a fisherman, leaves the sea and turns to religion and cockfighting.  Then a fellow fisherman invites him to join the fight against coral harvesting.  Randy is caught between his devotion and the struggle of the fisher folk.


On the eve of his birthday, Makuy goes home from an exposure trip. After witnessing the squabble of his parents, he leaves home to search for Carl and to celebrate with him instead. On his way to find his partner, a gripping truth unfolds. Makuy is one of the increasing numbers of victims of enforced disappearances in the country. He is one of those imprisoned in a society oblivious of justice and truth.


A 12-year-old girl named Onang (Yssa Ramos) found herself at the doorstep of reaching her dreams – to becom a performer. Onang, who lived all her life with her widowed father Tatang (Ronnie Lazaro) at the mountaintop in Ilocos Sur, joined a choir that would represent their town at a competition in Manila. Despite her father’s disapproval, she went on and left for the city. With hopes of realizing her dreams and living a new life, Onang learned that staying was more impossible than leaving.

Para Kay Ama

The film tells of Hannah, a Chinese-Filipino girl who discovers that she has a half-brother and meets him for the first time on the last day of her father’s wake.


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