Shorts A

Ang Paghihintay sa Bulong

It is in the culture of the Filipinos that when a person dies, you can whisper and send your wishes to the dead. The film is about a family who happens to take care of their ailing mother / grandmother. They see this as a burden in their lives and they wait for her death so they could whisper their wishes.

Walang Katapusang Kwarto

Ang kwentong ito ay mayroon katapusang…hindi lang halata. Magaganap ang kwento sa isang silid kung saan dito lamang hindi nagtatago ang ating mga karakter. Dahil dito sa silid na ito ay malaya sila, walang nakakarinig kundi ang apat na pader lamang na naghihiwalay sa kanila sa totoong mundo. Maaring sabihin na ito ay kwento ng pag-ibig. Maari ding hindi..

Samarito (Samaritan)

Midnight. An adept thief makes his silent way towards a rich couple’s walled compound. He has everything considered: the location of the street-light base to help him vault the perimeter, the vulnerable back gate, the number of steps to the couple’s bedroom. The only thing he didn’t count on is the couple returning early from an aborted night out. The thief steps out of the bedroom to the distinct sound of strife. The couple is in the midst of a heated argument, and the argument only gets hotter from here.

Nino Bonito

Boni, a little boy from the slums, squares off with the stark reality of drugs, petty crime and abuse armed with his own brand of hip hop and some divine intervention.


Immanuel is set in speculative Philippines where air pollution has reached irreparable proportions. Air pollution has rendered breathable oxygen scarce. This makes it the main resource around which society revolves. The film follows to protagonists: Leo Sagaysay, a young father and husband who works at the Oxygen Factory, and his wife Rubi. Together they have a son, whom they struggle to support. The appearance of an ex-factory worker at their door sets off a chain of events that leads to the downfall of the Sagaysay family.


While out driving together, a father and his son discover that they share different principles and perspectives in life. Upon reaching the city’s outskirts, they make an even more disturbing discovery that will push their unstable relationship to its limits.

Every Other Time

College and partying are almost synonymous to one another, so are making mistakes. The freedom we have during college can sometimes make us forget the tiniest of our responsibilities. After a night of hard partying, this guy realizes he left something behind.


An adolescent girl awakens to the first day of the rest of her life

Un Diutay Mundo

An unknown “point of view” witnesses everything that happens in the place where it is located---a dark room occupied by a feral child. It narrates how this child is being treated by the ones who look after him, how curious he is of the world outside, and how he longs to break free from being trapped in that room. Meanwhile, a girl who dreams to be a writer is able to enter the room and get in touch with the feral child. This is the start of the child’s struggle of breaking free from isolation. This was all witnessed and narrated by the “point of view”.


A day in the life of a man who’s trying to make a living for his family as he is confronted by the ironies of the realities of life. And death.


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