10,000 Errors

by Giullienne Sanchez
13: 32 minutes | Supernatural Stylized Comedy-Drama | 2021 | PG

A satanic virus has been placed within the walls of Purgatory. Those who register 10,000 errors and above are vulnerable to the disease. Playing on the mysteries of the afterlife, 10,000 Errors crosses the borders of life and death, of heaven and hell, and of being powerful and being powerless.

Cast: Vernon Mirandilla, Jonathan Tadioan, Butt Qasim Khalid, Rajiv Doraiswamy, Olivia Mirak, England Castro, Diru Rosimo, Callum Al-Gelane, Shai Red, Celia Gados, Rainell Cosme, JC Inman, Emma Sanchez, Gale De Leon, Randy Sanchez, Verna Kristine Lopez, Bien Gallego, Joy Javier, Meryll Dianne Arguelles, Aisla Bulseco, KD Bulseco and Giullienne Sanchez

Directors: Giullienne Sanchez
Screenplay: Giullienne Sanchez
Executive Producer: Giullienne Sanchez
Director of Photography: Handiong Kapuno
Production Designer: Giullienne Sanchez
Editor: Handiong Kapuno
Visual Effects: Handiong Kapuno
Sound Designers: Giullienne Sanchez, Handiong Kapuno
Costume Designer: Twinkle Ferraren
Hair and Makeup: Christopher Lazaro
Set Coordinator: Adurenzo Basa
Boom Operator: Ace Candano
Lighting Technician: Earl Justine Joel Fernandez
English Subtitles: Jules Caburian Inman

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