Master Workshop on Continuing Narratives For Broadcast and Web-based Platforms by Jose Javier Reyes

Fridays * August 14 – October 29, 2021

Workshop Description
1) Open to Filipinos who have professional experience in scriptwriting for television or digital platforms as part of a creative pool or as a junior or senior writer.
2) Workshop duration is 3 months, starting in August 14 to October 29, 2021.
3) Workshop fee is P15,000.00 per participant
4) Only 20 participants will be accepted to the workshop
5) All sessions will be conducted online. On the 1st month, sessions will be once a week while the 2nd and 3rd months will have twice a month sessions.

Workshop Objectives
To introduce, as well as, train writers in the conceptualization and the rendition of continuing series following the Korean template.

1) At least one (1) year experience as a Junior Writer for a creative pool of any existing commercial or alternative show in television or any of the new media platforms.
2) Must provide a complete list of his or her scriptwriting involvements from a network or a platform.
3) Write a one to two page introductory essay in English or Filipino with the title: “Why I Want to be Part of this Writing Workshop” (Bakit ko Gusto Maging Bahagi ng Workshop na Ito.”)
4) Must have writing competence in the Filipino language as all materials will be written in the National Tongue.

Expected Workshop Output
Participants will submit a complete project proposal package inclusive of pitch deck, concept, and synopses of general and individual episodes of the series and three complete short-form screenplays for television or digital content.

Deadline of application form: JULY 23, 2021
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