Basol Balos

by Tonny A. Abad
23:31 minutes | Horror | 2018 | PG13

A happy family is what everybody wants until Marco, son of Ruis Villaflores and brother of Riza, turned into a menace and drove the housemaids away. Surprisingly, one girl, Rowena Tillo, still sought employment as the new maid despite Marco’s infamy. The reason behind Marco’s sudden change in attitude and Rowena’s unexpected employment into the household may be the catalysts for sweet revenge against a father’s grave mistake.

Cast: Micahel Lumawig, Tonny A. Abad, Jenecel Arquillano, Rezalyn Lanoy, JD Leonardo and Zamantha Morales

Director: Tonny A. Abad
Story and Screenplay: Tonny A. Abad
Assistant Director: Rezalyn C. Lanoy
Casting: Rezalyn C. Lanoy
Production Designer: Zamantha Clarice Morales
Cinematography: Christian Ismael and Zamantha Clarice Morales
Music: Zamantha Clarice Morales
Editor: Zamantha Clarice Morales
Executive Producer: Filcor Multimedia Studio

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