Phone Call

by Direk Bee
4:00 minutes | Drama | 2021 | GP

Due to being sickly, Dan is the only person among his siblings who doesn’t have work. As time passed, he was alone and needed someone to talk to but his brothers and sisters were all busy with their professions. This is the reason that Dan decided to reach out to them instead through a phone call. But what happens next is something that will change your perception of answering a call.

Cast: Ienah Doron, Jefferson Restauro, Aubrey Delos Santos, Clint John Armstrong Cabusas, Johnryan Cainila Gabuya

Director: Direk Bee
Assistant Director: Zaldz Ibarz
Writer/Screenplay: Direk Bee
Producer: Allan Baruiz, Direk Bee
Cinematographer: Allan Baruiz
Pre-Editing: Allan Baruiz, Zaldz Ibarz
Post-Editing: Zaldz Ibarz, Direk Bee
Sound Design: Allan Baruiz, Zaldz Ibarz
Location Coordinator: Clint John Armstrong Cabusas
Additional Sound:, Epidemic sounds, Kinemaster
Special Thanks: Influx Film, Tesing Family, Upper Greenbelt Drive Quiot
In Association with: BisFlix

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