Exhibit: Currents

CURRENTS: A Cinemalaya Virtual Reality Exhibit

The ocean is your home. A wide open expanse, ripe for exploration.
The storms are but hurdles to overcome. You know the ebb and flow of tides like the back of your hand.
Amidst the familiar waters, you see a glimmer in the distance.
You sail closer, but it seems to forever linger on the horizon, out of reach.

The message in a bottle reads:

The distance is closer than it seems. Every island has a story.
This is the beginning of a new voyage.
Every island tells a story.
The destination is closer than before.
You could almost reach out for it.
The currents have brought you here.

Where you sail to next is in your hands.
CURRENTS: A Virtual Reality Cinemalaya Experience is this year’s online exhibition for the 17th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. Best enjoyed using VR headsets.

3D and Animation: Dayoung Ko
Scriptwriter and Environment Design: Mariah Reodica
Filipino Translation: iego
Voice Over: Minda T. Casagan
Score: The Buildings (Mariah Reodica/Kean Reformado/Dom Zinampan)
With sample from Prelude Etnika by Lucrecia R. Kasilag Recorded at Malabong Lababo Studios

Creative Team:
Vivien Basmayor, Mae Caralde Sheryl, Cumpio, Rica Estrada, Dessa Matuguinas

CCP Film, Broadcast and New Media Division
Cinemalaya Foundation Inc.
Treb Monteras II
Keith Sicat
John Alfred Traquina
Rodel Valiente

Produced by: CCP Visual Arts and Museum Division​

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