Year: 1981
Duration/TRT in minutes: 1:42:02

Danny L. Zialcita
Screenplay: Danny L. Zialcita
Producer: Sining Silangan Inc.

Vilma Santos, Ronaldo Valdez, Tommy Abuel, Chanda Romero, Aurora Salve, Suzanne Gonzalez, Martha Sevilla, Odette Khan, Virginia Montes, Bella Flores, Etang Ditcher, Vic Silayan, Fred Montilla, Renato Robles, Ruel Vernal, Augusto Victa, Butz Aquino, Dante Rivero, Leila Hermosa, and Christopher de Leon

Short Synopsis:
On the eve of Sara’s (Vilma Santos) wedding, Eric (Ronaldo Valdez) mistakes her for a prostitute and forces himself on her. By a stroke of coincidence, their paths cross again at a time when their respective marriages are in disarray. Valuing the sanctity of virginity, Sara’s now husband Alfredo (Tommy Abuel) has made life a living hell for her when he found out about the rape incident while Eric’s estranged wife Cristy (Chanda Romero) has decided to cool things off by taking a break abroad. Sara and Eric’s meeting strikes both as déjà vu. They discover through a psychic that they are reincarnations of Guada and Enrico, two illicit lovers who were tragically killed by Guada’s husband, Limbo, in a fit of jealousy. Now Sarah and Eric seem destined to follow the same path. But in whose spouse does the spirit of Limbo rest?

Restoration Notes:  

Karma (1981) is a classic film whose restoration was made possible through the use of the best existing element, the 35 mm print held at ABS-CBN. The print, affected by halos, presented a lot of scratches and deformations. Digital restoration significantly reduced these issues. The film was scanned at 4K and digitally restored at 2K resolution with a total of 1,064 restoration hours by L’Immagine Ritrovata in 2017.

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