by Gabby Ramos
19:40 minutes | Drama | 2021 | GP

In a fishing village where pawning children is the norm, Sonia, a 14-year-old girl full of dreams, is thrown into the pawnship slavery to pay off the debt of her poor parents. After months of servitude under a tyrannical employer, Sonia is forcedly pawned back into labor to pay for the expenses of her father’s funeral. When will this cycle of debt bondage end? Is a bright future even possible for Sonia?

Cast: Andrea Del Rosario, Soliman Cruz, Jazzy Busran, Sheena Lee Palad, Carmen Del Rosario, Cassie Kim, Sahararei Paynor Bobadilla, Edmond Santiago and Jilian Alsaybar

Director: Gabby Ramos
Executive Producer: Samuel Ramos
Story and Screenplay: Gabby Ramos, Joey Signh
Director of Photography: Ricky Fiesta
Production Design: Benedict Fajardo
Production Manager: May Pineda
Assistant Director: Julius Bergado
Location Manager: Henry Tenorio
Editor: Gabby Ramos
Assistant Editor: Ed Ubales
Colorist: Clang Sison
Musical Scoring: Joseph Y. Tan
Camera Operator: Hance Ygot
Audioman: Mark Ajero
Script Continuity: Mary Grace Tenorio
Talent Coordinator: Brenda Tenorio
Props and Wardrobe: Fernando Quilala
Hair and Makeup: Jhoanna Santiago
Setmen: Luwi Villela, Robelito Tenorio

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