LAST 234!

by Genevieve Ofiana
18:26 minutes | Sports, Action | 2020 | GP

Jasper, a senior cheerleader of Saint Noel University Pep squad, is down to his last performance to represent his future alma mater. With days before the competition, an unexpected incident arises that will test the team’s will as athletes.

Cast: Tomas Santos, Amanda Alejandrino, Minnie Nato, Cheer-Alliance Cheerleaders

Director: Genevieve Ofiana
Screenwriters: Genevieve Ofiana, Noel Laforteza Jr.
Executive Producers: Nestor Ofiana, Yolanda Ofiana, Noel Laforteza
Producer: Eugene Torres
Director of Photography: Harold Pialda
Assistant Director: Patricia Salic
Line Producer: Adrienne Tamayo
Editor: Miguel Ramos
Production Designer: Juan Pablo Pineda III
Script Continuity: Mark Felix Ebreo
Music and Sound Design: Yves Patron, Daryl Libongco
Cheer Music: Efren Lester Reyes
Production Team: Hello Po! Productions
Creative Consultant: David Corpuz

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