Quing Lalam Ning Aldo

Original Title: Quing Lalam Ning Aldo
English Title (if any): Under the Sun
Duration/TRT (in minutes): 12:06
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Year: 2020
Classification: PG

Reeden Fajardo
Cinematographer Mel Cobrador
Production Designer Glenn Lowell Averia
Sound Designers/Editors Jason Villegas, Jayson Santos
Music Scorer Francine Batac
Executive Producers Fe Domingo, Ladee Quinn Fajardo, Rolando Fajardo
Producer Vinnie Veronica Valenzuela
Consultant David Corpuz

Budang and Plyka

A transgender sampaguita farmer decided to renovate their neglected kitchen as soon as she heard that her son is going home.

Short Synopsis:
Upon learning that their son is coming home after 15 years, Budang and Georgia, transgender farmers from Pampanga, decided to surprise Janjan by renovating their neglected kitchen and gather ingredients so they can cook their favorite dish “con saleng manuk” but things will not work as planned.

Directors’ Profile:

REEDEN FAJARDO is a young aspiring Kapampangan filmmaker who grew up in a small barangay in Floridablanca. He is a graduate of BFA in Digital Cinema at Mapua University. He is currently an assistant director trainee and script supervisor in Star Cinema..

Directors’ Notes:

“Quing Lalam Ning Aldo” is a documentation of their livelihood, the Sampaguita farming, and the memory of his favourite morning dish after picking Sampaguita, “Con Sale Ebun” which is a soup similar to tinola with lemongrass but replacing chicken with eggs. These memories are the main references in creating this film. This film explores the feeling of nostalgia and incorporates Kapampangan humor.

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