The Dust in Your Place

Original Title: The Dust in Your Place
Duration/TRT (in minutes):20:00
Genre: Drama
Year: 2021
Classification: PG
Original language: Tagalog
Film Contact:



Director:David Olson
Screenwriter: Joem Antonio
Producer:Joaquin Coromina, Andrew Ramsay
Executive Producer:Warren Carmen, Michael Stamati
Director of Photography:JC Gellidon
Music Scorer:Miguel Abella
Editor:David Olson, Sebastian Olvidelo
Sound Designer:David Olson
Production Designer:Katrish Aristoki

Main Cast:
Boo Gabunada, Chaye Mogg

A comic strip artist must tell her writer what’s plaguing his relationships with other girls… even if it may be at the cost of their own friendship.

Short Synopsis
After witnessing an awkward fight between her writer and his girlfriend, a comic strip illustrator decides to tell her writer what’s plaguing his relationships with other girls. The conversation explodes into a discussion on relationships, social norms, their history, and their possible future, as it becomes increasingly clearer that the trajectory of their career and friendship are on the line.

Directors’ Profile
In 2011, I edited my first short film. A decade of trying to live out a childhood dream hasn’t gotten me mansions or Maseratis — But since I started making videos, I have lived like a rich man.

Being self-taught at a young age—when information wasn’t as readily available as it is today—wasn’t easy. I realized very early on that I needed to counterbalance my lack of formal education with actual experience.

The next few years were an experience: one of sleepless sanity. Small projects with small paychecks, but with its advantages. Those years had me experiencing filmmaking from as many viewing angles as I could, taking any position available. Learning everything from camera angles and composition, to keyframes, call sheets, and coffee-making.


It’s been 10 years. I’ve been working in the industry as a Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Producer; working on films, TV, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and advertisements. It’s been a variegated and never-ending educational experience, but there is everything wrong with not trying.

I sit in front of my computer and pound at the keyboard; knee-deep in the mud of my mind. The sun is coming up.

Directors’ Notes
As a filmmaker, I am drawn to stories that lend themselves to an exploration of social psychology. When I was first shown the script, I felt an instant connection to the story and the way it was told. This film was born from an idea my producers (Warren Carman, Joaquin Coromina) and I had late at night in a garage one weekend. The development, filming, and finishing of this film were done in 5 days with the best cast and crew anyone could ask for. Dialogue-driven films by storytellers like Ingmar Bergman and Sydney Lumet have influenced who I am today as a storyteller. This project is a love letter to films that excel at the art of conversation, delivering cinematic entertainment with long and rich dialogue. The story of Rick and Claire is one of two longtime friends who find themselves in a tense situation. Unresolved issues and unanswered questions have been brewing in their minds for years — hovering in the air like dust. You may go from siding with a character to hating them in a blink of an eye or the turn of a sentence. Are some friendships worth it? Or is it worth taking the risk?

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