Yawyaw ni JP

by Sine Sanyata
6:30 minutes | Animation | 2020 | GP

In Yawyaw ni JP, we will hear the anguish of an ordinary citizen who is a victim of a twisted system in this time of pandemic. In fact, JP embodies the voices of many Filipinos who are at the receiving end of the oppressive measures of the State. JP and the Filipino masses are one –
maltreated, deceived, violated and taken for granted. We are all JP.

Contributing Artists and Organizations: Leonilo Doloricon, Albert Rodriguez, Benjo Andaya, boyD, Bulatlat, Business Mirror, Chang Advincula, Chester Vega, Dansoy Coquilla, FM Monteverde, Gelo Lagasca, Inquirer, Jimbo Albano, Jj Gonzales, Jonathan Mayuga, Josua Cabrera, JP, Ka John Galt, Ken Decena, Leonardo Rosete, Malaya Business Insight, Manila Times, Manila Today, Manuel Francisco, Max Santiago, Mideo M. Cruz, Philippine Star, Raymundo Pinares, Rebel Pepper, Renan Ortiz, Rene Aranda, Steven Pablinas, Sunstar, Takeshi Oekaki, The Guidon and Wyona Sister

Sine Sanyata People’s Film Collective

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