Babu Jalhana

by Ram Esteban Estael
12:40 minutes | Drama | 2020 | GP

Babu Jalhana (Aunt Jalhana) is leading a gathering of Tausug Christ’s believers in the outskirts of Sulu. She is being discipled by Angel and Joy, two missionaries from the cities. Amidst the challenge of the ongoing pandemic, persecution of their faith and her physical disability, she perseveres strongly in her devotion together with other believing women in the village.

Cast: Rhallyn Joy M. Abad, Josephine O. Northup, Elixir Eury L. Misoles, Rogel Mae V. Morgia, Jomabae B. Tidalgo, Evelyn L. Misoles, Lorenza L. Galera and Angelie V. Morgia

Director: Ram Esteban Estael
Producer: Shirley O. Bacas
Production Manager: Joshua P. Ebo
Assistant Director: Cris Angelyn L. Abalos
Director of Photography: Christian Don D. Melloria
Sound Director: Harvie John O. Bacas
Hair and Makeup: Daniela Raye Ymabel E. Gerodias
Scriptwriter: Clint B. Abalos
Musical Composer: Dave C. Lanticse
Sound Utility: Lemuel Shem C. Pascua
Cameraman: Hartzel Jade O. Bacas
Editors: Ram Esteban Estael, Joshua P. Ebo, Christian Don D. Melloria, Hartzel Jade O. Bacas
Script Supervisors: Amancio S. Minguita Jr., Marvie Joy Degorio
Location Manager: Engelyn L. Tagleong
Marketing Producer: Charis Doreen S. Pedrosa
Production Staff: Love E. Aduana,Lorylene C. Pedroso, Nilgen P. Ebo, Merlyn E. Estael

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