by Gio Gonzalves
18:02 minutes | Satirical Dystopian | 2020 | SPG

Set in a dystopian futuristic Philippines, Viktor—a son of a working class family—was abducted for being mistaken as the leader of an anti-government resistance group called KUMAG sa Bayan (Movement Against Nation). Forced to clean up yet another mess, Viktor’s abductors tortured him into admitting that he is indeed the KUMAG leader, and later killed Viktor to cover their mistake.

Cast: Steve Santos, Rommel Maglaya, Chris Macamay, Ipe Tolentino, Cube Tolentino, Annie Bico, Adonis Dela Pena, Basti Gonzalves and Bianca Ramos

Director/Writer: Gio Gonzalves
Producers: Dessa Jimenez, Anna Capistrano
Executive Producers: Rommel Maglaya, Jel Gonzalves
Director of Photography: Gio Gonzalves
Production Designer: Mary Jane Bilo
Editor: Terence Gonzalves
Music Scoring: Kyle Pagkalinawan
Assistant Director: Lloyd Hatulan
Camera Operator/Colorist: Charles Delos Santos
Assistant Cameraman: Jomar Comia
Lighting Director: Adonis Dela Pena
Camera Technician: Jepoy Matilde
Lighting Technician: Mario Garcia
Prosthetics: Fernando Sumampong
Creative Consultant: Universe Baldoza
Production Assistant: Reimond Ronquillo
Drivers: Anacoreto Bico, Loreto Macaranas

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